Avov Sound Bar Audio Settings, Revealed!

Today we’re gonna revisit what I like to this is one of the more misunderstood devices. The Avov Muze Sound Bar actually has a full set of sound and audio settings that are technically hidden from the main settings screen. Many people did not know where to find it’s located. There are actually 2 types of sound settings you will discover in this video. There’s the sound setting equalizer, and then there is the audio input settings. The Avov Muze Sound bar is a unique 2-in-1 sound bar and Live TV and streaming video player.

I must say however, I really think Avov did a cool thing by introducing something new to the market at the time their soundbar was originally released.

The problem was that nobody knew how to unlock it’s full capacity, and most were using it simply as an IPTV box, never truly exploring all the true and raw soundbar features. It is frustrating for many.



And I get it. When you first turn it on and connect it to your TV it loads up to it’s native streaming media interface, and the remote control does little to assist you in finding the actual soundbar settings. So for most people it just be came a giant IPTV box. Which is not really cool all by itself. But today my friends, we;re gonna change all of that I’ll not only review the video aspect of the device, but I’ll go in and show you how to access the various sound settings.

We’ll discuss the following:

  1. So really quick we’re gonna do a quick review of the Muze Sound Bar, including specs.
  2. We’ll take a look at the video features
  3. Then I’ll show you all the sound settings.


1: Avov Sound Bar – Quick Review and Specs

sound bar front view


To start things off, let’s take a look at the specs that come with the Avov Muze Sound bar and Live TV / IPTV player.

For Video

  • 4K output supported, H.265/H.264/MPEG-2/MPEG-4/AVC SD/HD decoding
  • Live Streaming ,VOD and Game content

For Sound

  • 1 Subwoofer :30W, 4 Ω / 2 Mid range :8W, 4 Ω / 2 Tweeter : 5W, 4 Ω
  • Virtual 5.1 Surround Sound
  • DSP digital audio technology

For Connectivity

  • Ethernet and WLAN
  • Bluetooth 4.0

Ports (it’s got a lot of options)

avov sound bar - input ports

  • Power port
  • 2 USB ports
  • HDMI in/out
  • Ethernet port
  • Coaxial input
  • Auxiliary input
  • RCA in
  • Optical in
  • 2 Microphone ports
  • AV input
  • Micro SD slot for memory expansion

So as you can see you can connect quite a bit of things to the device which I think is part of the reason why some people were confused, because there’s no reference to so many of the ports from even the main settings screen. But I’ll show you the secondary setting screens in a bit.


2: Video Features

avov muze sound bar - video screen

Ok so with that out of the way, lets take a look at what many of us who have Avov’s first generation Nova 2 boxes are already quire familiar with. The general interface is identical to the Avov TVONline N box as well as the Cellon TV Olli box. No difference at all.

Then go an activate using prepaid code. I actually have a sample prepaid code that’s for demo purposes only. So let’s activate this so I can show you some more features.

There’s also a really cool feature that allows you to have the sound bar switch between connected video devices. For example if you have a video game console and your TV plugged in to the soundbar, you can opt-in in to play the game audio through the sound bar and when you’re done, switch back to the default setting thats connected to your TV. A little confusing, but I don’t have a set up for that right now, but I’ll probably show it in a future video.


3: Sound and Audio Settings Screen

OK, now for what EVERYONE has been waiting for. How do you access the sound settings for this?

avov sound bar audio input selection screen

  •  First really it’s a matter of which remote control you have, and you will need an Avov remote control to do this, and there are a few. I’ll be using this remote control for this demonstration.
  • Press the “IPTV” button…and Voila!
  • Now you’re able to select all the audio input options available with the Muze Soundbar.

Why they didn’t include this in a manual, I have no clue, but yes, it’s that simple.

Avov Sound Bar Settings – On Screen Equalizer

Then beyond that, you also have access to an on screen equalizer that you can use to adjust the sound that comes out of the device. It’s pretty neat.

avov muze sound bar - equalizer settings screen

To access the on-screen equalizer sound settings:

  • From any screen, press the green button.
  • The on-screen equalizer will pop up.
  • Adjust the settings to your liking.

avov remote controls

If you also want to get an account to activate the streaming service, I’ve also included a link to another that can help you out with this. So check out the links in the description so you can purchase one of these sound bars and get an active account.

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Hopefully this was helpful to a lot of you, and if you liked what I had to share, subscribe to this channel, and leave a comment on this video. And if you want to stay up to date with any new videos we release on this channel.

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