Avov TVOnline N4 – Powered by Nova 2 – Complete IPTV Box Review

Introducing the Avov TVOnline N4, the long awaited follow up to Avov’s classic TVOnline N2. There are several new things available with the TVOnline N4, and Avov has included features that users have long been waiting for. This device performs a couple levels above it’s former model, keeping some some of the same features and improving on others. We’ll dive a little deeper in to the Avov TV Online N4 and all what it has to offer.

We’ll be taking a look at:

  1. The Design
  2. Basic Specs
  3. What stayed the same?
  4. What’s New?
  5. The Good
  6. The Bad
  7. Conclusion


Avov TVOnline N4

1: The Design

The Avov TVOnline N4 keeps the exact same design as the Avov TVOnline 4, and the Avov TVOnline N2. The reason they chose to keep it the same is unknown, but the only indicator to let you know which model you are using is the logo on the front labeled TVOnline N4.

Though a classic design, very sleek, slim and aesthetically pleasing, I do believe they could have tried something a little different with the TVOnline N4 that represents their move forward to a more powerful device. One may simply mistaken the TVOnline N4 with one the N2 or TVOnline 4 and not bother to pick up this new device at all.

Overall, I suppose, if it;s not broken, why fix it, and Avov did see some good success with the TVOnline 4 and N2.


2: Basic Specs

The Avov TVOnline N4 boasts some new upgrades from it’s predecessors, and after some time with it, you do get the sense that this device performs a bit better. Here are the basic specs.

Product Specs:

  • Amlogic Quad-Core 1.6GHz Cortex A53 Processor
  • 5.9inch x 3.9inch x 0.6inch
  • Quad-Core Mali 450 (Open GL ES2.0/1.1, Open VG1.1, Flash 11.1).
  • Supports Flash hardware decoding by exclusive FTR technology
  • 2G Memory
  • 16GB  Storage

More Features:

  • HDMI 2.0, 4K, 3D movie file format supported
  • Android 7.0
  • Dual Band Wifi (2G & 5G)
  • 2 USB Ports


Avov TVOnline N4 package

3: What stayed the same?

Design: The TVOnline N4 is not a new design. Previous models have the exact same design and port layouts. These include the Avov TVOnline 4, and Avov TVOnline N2.

Memory: The TVOnline N4 has 2GB of RAM. Though you might see else where that it’s 4GB, but a quick look on the product info screen will reveal that it only has 2GB of RAM. The actual storage is a little tricky to pinpoint because some models have 8GB and others supposedly 16GB. This is not 100% confirmed yet, but I suppose that the difference in storage size will be dependent on which model number you have.

Dual Band WiFi: They kept the dual-band WiFi feature which is great. There’s no need to move backwards here.


4: What’s New?

Interface: Home Screen, Main screen Navigation
The Avov TVOnline N4 has gotten a facelift graphically on the home screen. The home screen is filled with a bunch of app icons. Not my favorite layout at all, and it can be quite distracting and can be hard to sift through at times.

The options to get to settings is at the top of the screen and a bit hard to navigate to . We thought the previous version, the TVOnline N2, had a much better layout on the home page. Things were easy to access and the home page was simple and not busy at all.

Where the TVOnline N4 could improve on this is to simply simplify the homepage. They’ve done it before, even if they need to go back to how the home page was designed on the N2, or do a little bit of a facelift from there.

Google Play Store
Avov Finally added the Google Play store to their devices. Prior to this, you were only able to add apps through their app installer which would require you to side-load the app via a USB or by downloading directly from the devices web browser. The Play Store here is not necessarily the greatest compared to other devices, but it;s good to see it here and it is definitely a step forward in the right direction.

More storage
The Avov TVOnline N4 is said to have more storage than the TVOnline N2. I’m not sure this is the case, however, it is noted that some versions of the TVOnline N4 has 8GB and others have 16GB of storage. We have yet to have full proof of this, but we’ll see and confirm, and update this post at a later date.


TVOnline N4 Box with specs and key features

5: The Good

Overall we’re quite pleased with the bit of upgrades the Avov TVOnline N4 has. Where previous versions used android 5 and 6, the TVOnline N4 is built on the stable Android 7 platform. Though it would have been great to get at least double the RAM at 4GB and a solid 16GB storage, the device does function better than the previous versions. The addition of the Google Play Store is an answer to many Avov users prayers, because it was simply a challenge to get other apps on to the device, so this really opens things up a lot for users, allowing them to load their favorite apps on the device.


6: The Bad

There are still many things that plague even this latest model. First is that he software is still a little jerky, and you get the sense that it’s not as complete as it could be. It’s patchy, with some apps unexpectedly closing, and the amount of graphics on the home screen slows things down a bit. Avov has addressed many of the issues, and the above mentioned issues are not as prevalent, but they still exist. Hopefully these kinks will be worked out, because Avov has the potential of positioning themselves back at the top. They just really need to work out these little bits of issues, and consistently keep up the quality in order to win back some of the customers that might have jumped ship to another brand.


7: Conclusion

For the price and performance, The Avov TVonline N4 is positioned fairly well. Having a price tag of $124.99 – $149.99, depending on where you buy it from, you really do get good value. Their Nova 2 app works like a charm, and their recent tweaks to the TVOnline app will have you running stalker based IPTV services with ease. There are improvements to be made for sure, and Avov is aware of that. We completely tested the TVOnline N4 and are quite pleased. As a result give the Avov TVOnline N4 a healthy 7.5 out of 10. It does the job, and has made some well need updates. You can purchase this device in our store here or at any other online retailer.

Avov TVOnline N4, 4K IPTV Box, NetGo IPTV App Built-in [Video]

Watch our video where we did a brief overview of the Avov TVOnline N4 4K IPTV box. You will notice that we mentioned the NetGo IPTV app. However, you do not need the NetGo app if you have this box, or any Avov N-series box for that matter. Because these boxes as well as the NetGo IPTV app use Nova2, so you will be getting the exact same features and menus.


Here are some pics we took of the Avov TVOnline N4 from all angles.

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