How it Works & What You Need

To get the most our of your set-top box, you will need a reliable internet connection. There are two main ways to connect. The first is directly connecting your modem directly into your set-top box using an Ethernet cord (usually yellow, blue, red, or grey) . This is the best option. The second way to connect your box to the internet is through WiFi.

Minimum Requirements

Internet Connection: Though there are those who've experienced great service below these minimums, to be safe, this is what we recommend.

  • Connecting directly to modem: Best option = 20Mbps or more
  • Connecting via WiFi: Best option = 150Mbps or more

Television Set / Monitor: To get the best picture

  • Video Input Connection: HDMI Input (CRT TVs will require a HDMI (input) to AV (output) converter)
  • Screen Resolution: 720P, 1080i, 1080P, 4K

Bring Your Own Box

Do you already have an iPTV Box? We can connect it. However, you will be responsible for your box configuration and updates, we will simply provide you with the iPTV service.
NOTE: We do not provide troubleshooting / technical support for boxes not purchased from our website!

Works with all Stalker Compatible set-top boxes