NetGo IPTV App: An introduction to the Nova 2 Powered IPTV App

What is the NetGo IPTV App, and how can I get it?

The NetGo IPTV app is a powerful streaming app that delivers the quality, security, and speed of the top streaming apps. The app was was officially released in early 2020, and has since slowly becoming more and more popular. It’s built on the Nova 2 middleware platform that was developed solely by Avov Tech. Unlike many of it’s competitors, the NetGo IPTV app has a more sleek design and is super easy to set up. It uses numbered codes called prepaid codes to easily activate live accounts, and operators and resellers can also choose to activate using what’s called the Active code.


What devices can I install the app on?

NetGo IPTV app - compatible devices

People want to have more options when it comes to their viewing experience. This is where compatibility comes in to play. If you decide to use the NetGo IPTV app, you will only be able to use it on the following devices / systems.

  • Android Box / Android TV
  • Android Mobile – Smartphones and Tablets
  • Amazon Fire TV / Fire Stick

So, if you are trying to view on an Apple¬† iOS device, you;re out of luck. However, there will be an iOS version coming out soon. We’ll update you when it becomes available.

If you have an Avov N series box then there is no need to download and install the NetGo IPTV app to it.
The Avov N series devices already use Nova 2 as it’s native middleware software. If you are unsure which Avov devices are N series, here is a list.

  • Avov TVOnline N
  • Avov TVOnline N2
  • Cellon TV Olli
  • Avov: Muze Soundbar
  • Ronin – Mini Player
  • Avov TVOnline 4


Why Use the NetGo IPTV App?

The quick answer is simplicity.¬† Each app has their own nuances, as it is also true with NetGo. But once you get use to the navigation, you’ll see how simple it is to use once it’s installed on your device.

  • It is simple to use
  • Easy to activate accounts
  • Unique on screen option
  • Report error feature (for channels improperly displaying content)
  • Search and request content feature


NetGo IPTV app on multiple devices

How to Get it

If you’re interested in using the NetGo IPTV app, you can visit the NetGo page on our website here. You can test a things out and when you’re ready, activate a full account. There are 2 types of NetGo IPTV apps available. One for Android boxes and Amazon Fire Stick, and the other is for Android mobile devices for smartphones and tablets.



We encourage you to try other the NetGo IPTV apps first, and then determine whether you want to use it or not. There are other IPTV apps out there, and we encourage you to try them out to see which one works best for you. However, if you wish to use a Nova 2 based system and take advantage of its features, then NetGo is the way to go.

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