Prepaid Codes

Free Trial Prepaid Code – NetGo IPTV App / Nova 2 Devices


 NOTE Once you complete the checkout process, you will automatically receive a trial prepaid code by email (check junk mail for email confirmation if you do not see it in your inbox).
 IMPORTANT Please ensure you are using a real email address. You will not be able to get the code otherwise.

You will identify the code labeled as ” Serial Key ” [Example: 800123456789]

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3-day trial Prepaid code for NetGo IPTV App and any Avov Nova 2 boxes. 

This trial prepaid code is for demo purposes only. The trial lasts for three days only. If you wish to activate a full account, you will need to order an active account here.

If you have an Avov Nova 2 based box, you do not need to install the NetGo app First.

Note: The NetGo app / Nova 2 services WILL NOT WORK on iOS or Apple TV (in development), and it will not work on MAG boxes or other Linux based IPTV boxes.

NetGo App Video Tutorials: Watch on YouTube