Prepaid Codes

Active Prepaid Code (up to 12 codes max.)


You can purchase up to 12 Prepaid Codes at a time.

  • Each Prepaid Code gives 1 month of live account activation.
  • NetGo IPTV App and any Avov Nova 2 devices. 

 NOTE:  Once you complete the checkout process, you will receive your Active Prepaid Code(s) on the order completion page. You will also receive an email with the code (check junk mail for email confirmation if you do not see it in your inbox).

You will identify the code labeled as ” Serial Key ” [Example: 800123456789]

NetGo App / Nova 2 Device Video Tutorials: Watch on YouTube

This is compatible only with Avov Nova 2 devices, and the NetGo App installed on Android Devices, or Amazon Fire Stick / Fire TV

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Activate Account with Prepaid Code

 How to Activate Account with Prepaid Code 
  1. Avov Nova 2 Device: From the main screen, go to Settings, on NetGo IPTV App, go to More
    NetGo IPTV App: From the main screen, go to More.
  2. Go to “Account” and click on it
  3. Insert Prepaid Code in the Name field “Input the prepay code here”, and then click the OK button on screen below the name field.


Prepaid Code Compatibility

If you have an Avov Nova 2 device, you do not need to install the NetGo IPTV app.
Avov Nova 2 devices include: Avov TVOnline N, Avov TVOnline N2, Avov TVOnline N4, CellonTV Olli, Ronin Mini Player, Avov Muze Soundbar
Compatible Devices: Android Devices (version 5.1 and above), Amazon Fire Stick / Fire TV

 Note:  The NetGo app / Nova 2 services WILL NOT WORK on iOS or Apple TV devices (in development), and it will not work on MAG boxes or other Linux based IPTV boxes.