TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV box – Better than MAG 322 – Complete Overview

TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV box is the best alternative to the MAG 322 and other Linux based MAG IPTV Boxes.¬† It’s not too often you come across an IPTV box that you have little complaints about. One that is absolutely reliable, powerful, and simply gets the job done. This is the case with the TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV box. From the moment you plug it in, and start using it, you immediately get a feel for it’s stability and its power. Let’s take a look a deeper look at the TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV box.


  1. Specs
  2. The Remote Control
  3. Navigation
  4. Settings and Apps
  5. The IPTV Features
  6. Conclusion

1: The Specifications

TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV box - angle view

The TVIP S-Box v.605 boasts some nifty specs for a mainly Linux device. It actually pumps out more power than the MAG 420 IPTV box. That’s probably why this box is preferred over the MAG boxes. Here are the specs for the

  • Video Resolution: 4K Ultra HD, 3840×2160 (HDR)
  • Network: Ethernet, WiFi 802.11 (b/g/n/ac), 2,4/5 GHz
  • Memory: RAM 1 GB, Flash 8 GB
  • Chipset: Amlogic S905X, quad core 1,5 GHz
  • OS: Linux or Android 8.0 (Oreo)
  • Ports/Slots: HDMI, AV, 2xUSB, MicroSD Card, IR extender
  • Wireless: Bluetooth

With ease, the TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV pumps out stunning 4K resolution. This, provided you have a 4K TV and cables that are 4K specific. The box has no problem with it. The standard HD it has otherwise is very crisp and sharp. So if you don’t have a 4K setup on every level, you will still be able to enjoy pristine picture quality.

I also love the fact that this box has an AV port. This way people with older model televisions, can use the box. Or if you’ve run out of HDMI space to plug in this device, you have the option of using AV cables instead.


2: The Remote Control

Remote Control for TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV box

Let’s look at the remote control for the TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV box. It looks like the standard remote control you’ll find with the MAG box but tuned and programmed for TVIP. The remote that comes with this specific device being tested is a bluetooth remote. You’ll know if the remote you are using is bluetooh if it has the letters “BT” in the lower right corner of the remote control. This remote is excellent. It’s extremely responsive, and has great range without you having to be accurately point at the device for it to respond. However, if you aren’t lucky enough to have the bluetooth version of the remote control, don’t worry. The IR remote is very responsive as well. You just don’t get the full and unhindered range you get with the bluetooth version.

Also, use your remote to also control the TV, not just your box. All the common buttons you expect to see are there: Digital number pad, channel and volume up and down, video control buttons, directional pad, and more. Have a look at the picture. There’s also really good documentation that comes packaged in the box with the device. You’ll see a full diagram of the remote control and how to use and modify it.


3: Navigating the TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV Box

TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV Home Screen

Usually when using android boxes especially, you occasionally get lagging when you are navigating from icon to icon and screen to screen. This could be a nuisance depending on the severity of the lag. That’s why I like the TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV box. Both the Linux and the Android version navigates smoothly. More so with the Linux version. Linux boxes are usually more lightweight than Android boxes, but they lack the feature sets that many love about Android. In the end it’s a matter of preference.

Transitions from screen to screen is is very smooth with the TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV box. There’s not freezing or lag at all. Even when streaming video on TV or a movie, it feels fluid, and well oiled.


4: Settings and Apps

Home Screen, Applications tab

As good as the TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV box is, one of my few complaints is the settings screen, layout, and its lack of good , intuitive user-friendliness. From the main screen, you can access the TVIP modules, Applications, and Settings.

TVIP: Under the TVIP heading you have 5 options: Watch TV, DVR, Mediaplayer, CCTV, Browser.

  • Watch TV: Active if you have an active IPTV account
  • DVR: Monitors and gives you access to saved DVR recordings you have made
  • Mediaplayer: Access content from a USB or a source URL
  • CCTV: Connect to a network of CCTV/Security Monitoring feeds
  • Browser: Basic web browser

Applications: YouTube, YouTue Kids, Plex

  • YouTube: Launches the YouTube TV app
  • YouTube Kids: Launches the YouTube Kids app for TV
  • Plex: Launches Plex app for TV

Home Screen, Settings tab

TV Settings Screen

Settings: System, Appearance, Network, Display, TV, Security

  • System: Loads the devices system settings
  • Appearance: Loads screen settings for the overall on-screen display and features
  • Network: All network and internet settings. Connect to internet (Ethernet/WiFi)
  • Display: Loads the resolution and video settings
  • TV: All TV feature settings and IPTV URL portals
  • Security: Loads list of security settings like parental controls, and to password protect certain on screen access


5: The IPTV Features and Interface

TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV - Stalker IPTV Screen

If you have an active account, you can click on the Watch TV icon to load¬† your live TV and VOD account. Because the account we tested uses the Stalker middleware, the layout looks identical to what you’ll see on a MAG box, so there’ no real surprise to share here. All on screen functionality and controls are the exact same as the classic MAG box interface.

However, If you are looking for a more unique IPTV player interface, you won’t get it here. But you will definitely get a sense of a much more fluid navigation and user experience, because of how well the TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV box handles things.


It’s clear. If you are looking for the best alternative to the MAG IPTV boxes, the TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV box is the way to go. It’s lightweight, powerful, and gives you all what you need from an IPTV box. Though you don’t have a long list of apps like many Android based IPTV boxes, the TVIP S-Box v.605 IPTV box delivers the goods, and is easily one of favorite lower priced Linux based IPTV boxes.

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